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What resources and services does the Massasoit Library provide?
The College Libraries provide reference materials and circulating books as well as newspapers and periodicals in current (paper), microfilm and electronic formats. Reference materials, periodicals and reserve books may be used only in the Libraries; circulating books may be borrowed for four weeks. Professional reference assistance, reserve materials, and access to other libraries' materials through inter-library loan are available.
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How can I get a library card?
To get a library card, bring your student ID or some other form of picture identification to the library. At the desk you'll be asked to fill out a short form and will have a barcode applied to the back of your ID or you'll be issued a library card with the barcode.
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How can I borrow books or other library material such as videos?
After choosing the items you wish to borrow, bring the items and your library card or barcoded student ID to the desk and a library assistant will charge the items out to you.
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For how long can I borrow books or other materials?
Most books are loaned for a 28 day period. The library assistant at the desk will give you a receipt slip or other reminder of the date due. Some books have special borrowing rules and most videos are borrowed only overnight.
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How can I tell if Massasoit has a particular book?
Checking our online catalog will tell you if Massasoit or the OCLN system owns a book. On the home page or the navigation bar, click the "MCAT" link. The catalog main page searches the Brockton Campus collection but you can adjust the search criteria to fit your needs. For example, you can use the drop down menu to select "Canton Campus" or "All" to check if the book is in the OCLN System.
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If Massasoit or OCLN doesn't own a book that I want, what are my options?
If you have searched Massasoit and the OCLN member libraries, the catalog will offer you the option of using the Virtual Catalog which provides access to libraries throughout Massachusetts. You can also find a Virtual Catalog link on the OCLN menu bar that appears on the MCat catalog page.
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Besides the Virtual Catalog, where else can I search for a particular book I want or more books on my topic?
You can also place an Interlibrary Loan request. This can be done in several ways. 1. If you are currently working in the library, you can complete a form at the Circulation Desk with as much information about a book or subject as you can and the Interlibrary Loan Librarian will try to fill your request. 2. If you are off campus, you can call 508-588-9100 x1941 and the library staff will complete the form for you. 3. You may also use the ILL online form (see navigation bar on left). Be sure to provide as much information on the book/subject as you can. You will be notified by a phone call if material is available for you.
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What is a "hold?"
When a registered Massasoit or OCLN borrower wants to request a book from one of the OCLN libraries, they can have the book sent to one of the Massasoit libraries or their OCLN Town Public Library by clicking on the "hold" link. They then enter their barcode number and the pin: OCLN. The book will be sent to the library selected. A phone call will notify them when the book is waiting for them at the desk.
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What is a "database?"
In the library, "Database" indicates the way magazines and periodicals are accessed. Citations can be full text or abstracts. MCC subscribes to a wide variety of databases that support the curriculum.
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How can I access databases from home?
On the library homepage, click on the "Databases" link. The next screen organizes the databases for you, alphabetically or by subject area. Off campus access is by using your 14 digit barcode number.
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What are "Reserves?"
"Reserves" are books or other materials that Instructors have provided for students. These materials provide supplemental information and data. The library provides a place where all students in a given class can access the material.
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Where are "Reserves" Located?
"Reserves" are kept behind the charge desk at both libraries.
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For how long are "Reserves" checked out?
The instructor sets the borrowing period. Most are for two hour room use only but a few can be checked out for longer periods
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Are there photocopiers and where are they located?
There are two copiers in the Brockton Library. They are located at the extreme right and left sides at the front of the library. In Canton, there is a copier under the windows at the back of the library.
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Can I print from the library computers?
Students are allowed 150 copies per semester through Pharos, the library’s print management system. Printing includes sending the print request from the computer they have logged onto, agreeing to the amount of the print in the Pharos window on the computer and going to the printer station to release the document. Non-student users are not able to print.
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