50th Anniversary Quilt Project

Sometimes we have to look back to see exactly how far we have come. That is the purpose of this Massasoit Community College Picture Memory Quilt. It is a very small selection of many Massasoit picture memories shared over the last 50 years. Our hope is that as we reflect on memories of Massasoit, we will see how far we have come in “our lifetime”. Happy Birthday Massasoit!

Gov. Volpe signs the BillA study in March 1958 by the Audit of State Needs recommended a community college system in Massachusetts.  It was adopted by the legislature on August 1, 1958.  After much debate over location, Governor Volpe signed the law on March 23, 1965 allowing the building of Massasoit Community College.
hockeyYes, Massasoit had a hockey team in 1975. Jim Craig, goalie for the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team, played goalie for Massasoit before going to Boston University
1975 StaffIn 1975, this was the staff that worked at Massasoit.

Senator Ted Kennedy spoke at Massasoit Community College in 1966.

Howard School

The Howard School
Before the Brockton campus was built, Massasoit had three campuses. This was the West Bridgewater Campus – now the Howard School.

Dr Wall at grad

Dr. Wall address graduates of the Class of 2009.


In 1981, Massasoit became high tech – notice the “computer operations” sign in background.