For purposes of course and program orientation, all students who are enrolled in degree programs (matriculated) are assigned academic advisors.

Students are encouraged to consult their advisors concerning choice of courses, programs, and transfers to other institutions at any point in their academic career. All full-time, Faculty are available to students, and all students are urged to visit their advisors as early and as regularly as possible.

Classes are suspended for one day each semester in order to allow students to register for the subsequent term. It is recommended that returning students contact their advisors at least a week prior to this registration day to discuss what courses they need to complete their program requirements. Students are encouraged to contact their advisors as often as necessary to make sure they are taking courses that fulfill their program requirements and career plans. The advisor should also be consulted before a decision is made to add or drop courses. Students can find their advisor’s name and office location by checking a list posted in the cafeteria or by contacting the Registrar’s Office.

All students, whether they are matriculated or non-matriculated, or attend in the daytime or during evening hours, may also seek academic advising in the Advisement & Counseling Center located on the first floor of the Student Center.

Massasoit Community College regards the advisement process as one of the critical vehicles of communication between the College and the student.