Student Clubs


BUSINESS & INVESTMENT CLUB: This club is designed to augment the business curriculum though personal and professional development opportunities. Membership is open to all Massasoit students from all majors.
Advisors: Chip Bradford x1686 Paul O’Donnell

CAPE VERDEAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION: Dedicated to the preservation of Cape Verdean culture and history, this club supports the recruitment effort of Cape Verdeans to Massasoit. The club promotes cultural, political and historical programs that maintain a sense of cultural identity throughout Massasoit Community College.
Advisor: Yolanda Dennis x1304

CHESS CLUB: This club is open to all students who are interested in the game of chess. It offers amateurs the opportunity to help others who are willing to learn. The Chess club conducts tournaments, arranges matches, and provides entertainment and a social life for the members of the club.
Advisor: Larry Dean

CREATIVE WRITING: The Creative Writing club offers a space for students to develop, share and discuss their poetry, short fiction, memoirs and more. Students bring their writing into a public forum, and read and critique each other’s work honestly and fairly. The club also works to promote writing on campus and plan both spoken word open mics and student writing publications.
Advisor: Erin Harte

CULINARY/HOSPITALITY CLUB: This club is made up of Culinary Arts majors, Hospitality Management majors as well as students from the general population interested in food, hospitality and other interrelated topics. This includes developmental food presentations, food and bake sales, food and hospitality related tours, field trips, and providing community services.
Advisors: Paul Weeden X1697 Donna Wright X 1491

Student Clubs and Organizations
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student life clubs

student life clubs


DEBATE CLUB: The purpose of this club is to foster an environment of intelligent argument and debate that inspires progress. The club will offer a way for students to hone their skills, learn techniques and stay informed on current events. All Massasoit students are eligible to participate.
Advisor: Kathleen Pahl x 1850

ENVIRONMENTAL LEAGUE OF MASSASOIT: The purpose of this club is to promote sustainability within Massasoit Community College and in the local, regional, and global community. In addition, the club supports activities that enhance the enjoyment of the environment.    
Advisors: Hollyce States  x 1377        Michael Bankson  x 2109        Andy Oguma  x 1627

GENDER SEXUALITY ALLIANCE (GSA): An organization dedicated to spreading awareness, information, and positive self-image across the campus.  Our focus is the pursuit of equality for all people who do not identify with heteronormative sexualities and gender presentations.  Open dialog within the group about issues affecting our lives is welcomed and encouraged.  All students, including but not limited to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, gender-fluid, pansexual, questioning, undefined, and heterosexual, are welcome to meetings and official positions. Meetings provide a safe place for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities to express themselves openly, without fear of judgment or harassment.
Advisor: Melany McFadden Email:

HELPING HANDS: An organization dedicated to increasing the understanding and awareness of disability issues, through sponsoring activities and events in the college as well as the greater Massasoit Community. It offers peer support where answers can be found and ideas can be explored. Open to all students, staff, faculty, and administrators.
Advisors: Laurel Santini, Robin Peery

HONORS ASSOCIATION: This is an honorary club that promotes and furthers the mission of the Honors Program and provides services and support to its students. The Association shall provide its input to the Honors Program Council.
Advisor: Susan Martelli X1836

INTERNATIONAL TOUCH CLUB: Open to all students. The purpose of the club is to represent and further the interest of the diverse student body, promoting multicultural understanding, encouraging self-development and pursuing global responsibility and cooperation of the entire college community.
Advisor: Ida Cerezo-O'Donnell X1465 Rob Plummer x1458

JAPANESE CULTURE CLUB: A group that wants to make a friendly environment where like-minded people can come and learn about the world of anime and manga. The club would also like to introduce the culture from which anime and manga derive. They will occasionally show movies, bring in different foods, have guest speakers who know the language and culture of Japan. At times, they will dress up in clothing styles including j-rock and visual kai.
Advisor: TBD

MARY E. BAKER UNITY CLUB: This organization was formed for the purpose of providing services to Massasoit Community College's minority students. In celebration of diversity, ALL students, including those attending day programs, night programs and Canton campus programs are welcome to join with this group.
Advisor: Jeff Joseph X1081

MEDIA CLUB: Students involved in the television side of the media club can expect to get immediate quality hands-on training in television production. Such training includes; audio engineering, non-linear editing, in-studio and field camera work, pre-production coordinating, technical directing, directing, producing, graphics, computer animation, audio editing and a “boat load” of know how. Along with fundraisers and field trips to other production facilities, the media club provides a stepping-stone to those who are considering a career in any aspect of media communications.
Advisor: Patrick Lys

MOMENT OF TRUTH PRAYER CLUB: The goal of this organization is to provide prayer, bible study, group discussions, and workshops all based on biblical principles. Students and staff are invited to become active members of the club.
Advisors:  Glen Prospere

NEWSPAPER/MASSASOIT TRIBUNE: To provide a means of informing students/faculty/staff of news items of interest about Massasoit Community College and the surrounding community.
Advisor: Jared Gilpatrick X1565

NURSES CLUB: Open to all nursing majors. The purpose is to encourage peer support, plan class projects, and act as liaison between students and faculty.
Advisors: First Year – Tricia Willis  x 1466 Second Year – Rosemary Colletti x1739

PERFORMIX: Open to all students interested in the performing arts including theatre, dance, music, step, rap, slam and artistic sign language.
Advisors: Lisa Thibodeau  

PHI THETA KAPPA: Officially known as the International Honor Society of the two-year college. Students must have at least a 3.50 cumulative average and have completed at least 12 credits in a degree program.
Advisors: George Scala & Sawsan Zahara
View Massasoit's Phi Theta Kappa page

RADIO CLUB: This is the student run organization supporting the Radio Massasoit internet radio station. Its purpose is to provide broadcasting opportunities to students and train them in the operation of a radio station.
Advisors: Lisa Zinsius-Supka x 1745 Robert Bowers x1906

RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY: Designed for students enrolled in the Radiologic Technology Program.
Advisors: First Year: Anthony Kapadoukakis x1784 Second Year: Cheryl Burke X1764

RESPIRATORY CARE CLUB: For those students already enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy Program.
Advisors: First Year Students: Martha Desilva X1787 Second Year Students: Kathleen Wood x1765

SOCIAL ACTION CLUB: Open to all students, as well as faculty and staff, this club participates in and organizes volunteer activities related to a broad range of social issues. Volunteer opportunities on the Massasoit campus, as well as in the surrounding Brockton and Southeastern Massachusetts communities.
Advisor: Jennifer Dzubia-Leatherman  x1563

STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION: The campus governance body which oversees the Student Activities Program is the Student Government Association. Each student is a member and may vote and hold office in the association. Students interested in holding a position as a Student Senator may run for election each fall. The offices of the Student Senate are President, Vice President (2 - one for each campus), Secretary (2 - one for each campus), and Treasurer.
Advisors: Kathleen Reid x1480 Alvin Riley x1415

VETERANS AND SERVICEMEMBERS CLUB: The purpose of the Veterans Club is to provide MCC Veterans with the opportunity to network among themselves and to promote good citizenship and patriotism on and off our college campus. The objectives of this organization are to create a network of citizen soldiers that provide support and opportunities for personal growth that extends beyond the classrooms and college setting. The organization will host patriotic events that support national and state remembrances such as Veterans Day, Flag Day and Memorial Day.
Advisors: Brian Smith x1063 Sarah Comeau x1477


ARCHITECTURAL CLUB: The Architectural Club promotes excellence in architectural education by providing camaraderie, networking, and interchange of expression pertaining to architecture, techniques, and technology. The Club coordinates fundraising, meetings, field trips to architectural exhibits and lectures. Membership is open to all students with an interest in Architecture or Engineering
Advisor: Irving Weiner X2626

ARTISTS UNION: Open to all students currently enrolled in the college who share an interest in Art & Design. Activities include field trips, visiting artist lectures and demonstrations, and informal social meetings.
Advisor: Scott Ketcham X2906

ASHRAE: The Massasoit ASHRAE Club promotes membership in the Massasoit Student Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers and provides liaison to the Boston and National Chapters of ASHRAE. The club serves as a vehicle by which students may network with professionals in the heating and air conditioning industry. All HVAC students are encouraged to join the club, but any student with an interest in the heating and air conditioning industry is welcome to join us.
Advisor: John Fitzgerald X2161

DENTAL ASSISTANT CLUB: Participation in the Dental Assistant Club is limited to those currently enrolled in the Dental Assisting Program. The purpose of this club is to promote and sponsor activities and events that encourage a career in this field. Membership will encourage and provide a liaison with professional associations; attendance at dental meetings, the Yankee Dental Congress; field trips; and lastly, community service projects for dental health education.
Advisor: Judy Shannon x2754

GAY STRAIGHT ALLIANCE: This organization is dedicated to increasing awareness, tolerance, and acceptance of people of different sexual orientation. The purpose of the club is to help make Massasoit a place that is accepting of all people. Meetings are open to all gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and their family and friends.
Advisor: Witt Taylor

PHI THETA KAPPA: Officially known as the International Honor Society for community and junior colleges. Students must have at least a 3.50 cumulative average and have completed a minimum 12 credits in a degree program at Massasoit.
Advisors: George Scala & Sawsan Zahara

STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION: The campus governance body which oversees the student activities program is the Student Government Association. Each student is a member and may vote and hold office in the association. Students interested in holding a position as a Student Senator may run for election each fall. The offices of the Student Senate are President, Vice President (2 - one for each campus), Secretary (2 - one for each campus), and Treasurer.
Advisor: Kathleen Reid  x1480


CREATIVE ARTS CLUB: The purpose of this organization is to foster meaningful connections for students through the open-minded and respectful appreciation of creative arts. Meetings are open to all students of Massasoit Community College.
Advisor: Professor John Swanson