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President's Cabinet

Dr. Gena Glickman, President

Lydia Camara, Chief of Staff

Dr. Barbara McCarthy
Provost and Vice President
for Academic & Student Services

William Mitchell
Vice President of Administration & Chief Financial Officer

Margaret Gazzara Hess
Vice President of Human Resources

Deanna Yameen
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

William Morrison
Chief Information Officer

Paul Grand Pré
Chief Advancement Officer

Yolanda Dennis
Chief Diversity Officer

Shilo Henriques
Dean of Enrollment Management
Doug J.D. Walo
Dean, Middleborough Center and Canton Campus

Slandie Dieujuste
Dean of Students

Rozaria Paquette
Dean of Corporate & Community Education

Mary Goodhue Lynch
Associate Dean Institutional Research
David Tracy
Executive Director of Alumni Services

James W. Lynch
Director of Marketing & Creative Services

Sarah Yunits
Director of Communications & Public Relations
Christopher Horn
Associate Director of Admissions
Marc Simmons
Academic Senate President
Christopher Cummings
Chief of Police