Food Production


Completion of the coursework for the first two semesters of this program provides the students with a College-Approved certificate.  Courses completed in this certificate also meet requirements in the Culinary Arts associate degree.

The Food Production Certificate enables students to:

  • Practice the technical skills used in food preparation and service;
  • Establish and maintain sanitation standards for service operations under the National Certification guidelines;
  • Become proficient in the proper use and maintenance of professional foodservice equipment;
  • Apply fundamental concepts, skills, and techniques of basic baking;
  • Apply the principles of food identification, food utilization, and menu writing;
  • Develop the professionalism necessary for working successfully with subordinates, peers, supervisors, suppliers, customers and industry professionals;
  • Apply nutrition, sustainable and practical culinary principles in preparation for the contemporary job market.

A minimum of 27 credits and 9 courses is required for completion. The same course may not be used as two different course requirements.

Some courses may have prerequisites. Please see course descriptions in the catalog or online course search for details.

Additional Information
Academic Map (PDF)