Massasoit Community College is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to promoting the health and wellbeing of its employees and students. State Law currently prohibits smoking inside any state building. The smoking/tobacco policy applies to all Massasoit Community College employees, students, and visitors. The use of tobacco includes all tobacco products, including chewing tobacco.

Smoking/tobacco is allowed in designated areas adjacent to parking Lots 2 & 3 in Brockton, and in designated areas adjacent to parking Lot 3 in Canton, outside and in personal vehicles. While education and smoking cessation programs are the preferred interventions, violators may be subject to disciplinary action as identified in the appropriate collective bargaining agreements or personnel policies as well as the Massachusetts Community College Student Code of Conduct. Visitors to the campus will be directed to dispose of their cigarettes and tobacco products in the appropriate receptacles provided in designated areas. Disciplinary measures will be reserved for repeat infractions and infractions that interfere with the College’s academic or workplace needs or responsibilities.

The policy is communicated to all members of the campus community. The College's Smoking/Tobacco Policy will be included in formal orientation for all incoming students and employees and posted on the College website. In addition, all supervisors and department heads will communicate the Smoking/Tobacco Policy to everyone within their area of responsibility.