Health Training

Please note that each course is not offered every semester.  For a list of courses currently being offered please click here.  We would be happy to conduct an assessment and then customize a training program to fit your specific needs.   to complete a survey on the type of training you are interested in.

CPR Certification/Recertification
This workshop trains participants in the skills necessary to receive certification in basic CPR.

Medical Terminology
Topics will include: word roots; the skeletal system; the muscular system; the cardiovascular system; the lymphatic system; the immune system; the respiratory system; the digestive system; the urinary system; the nervous system; the special senses: eyes and ears; the integumentary system; the endocrine system; and the reproductive system.

ServSafe, Part I & II
This course meets the MA and RI certification regulations. All aspects of food sanitation and safety are reviewed. Topics include the flow of food, proper hygiene, HACCP, pest control, time temperature requirements and food allergies. Certification exam is given the 2nd half of the last class.

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