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Choices - FAQs

Why should I join the Choices program?

  • Choices staff are committed to providing a supportive educational environment that will assist students in managing the demands of parenting, employment, family responsibilities, and personal issues while pursuing a college degree. By identifying the individual needs of program participants, staff will work to provide resources to facilitate success.  

What are the eligibility requirements to be a part of the Choices program?

  • Must have a high school diploma or have passed a high school equivalency exam (GED,HiSet)
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or registered Permanent Resident (green card)
  • Must qualify for the Financial Aid funding by meeting eligibility requirements (low-income)- determined by filing the FAFSA application

Does the Choices program cover the cost of college classes?

  • Most low-income or single parents (those receiving TAFDC, MassHealth, SSI, SNAP or other subsidies) should qualify for funding through federal and state grants. Choices will assist applicants in applying for these grants. If a student is not eligible for financial aid, the Choices program does not cover payment for tuition and fees.

How do I become a Choices student?

  • Students can start the intake process by calling the Choices staff at 508-588-9100,X1316, emailing us at , or by stopping by the Choices program area and speaking to a Choices staff member. The Choices program is located on the lower level of the Student Center on the Brockton campus.
  • After contacting Choices, a potential student will be invited to attend an assessment session.
  • Applicants should complete a FAFSA application for the current academic year.

What does the assessment process entail?

  • The assessment is a small group meeting where potential students will complete their Admissions application to Massasoit, receive career assessment and counseling, complete placement testing, and do academic planning. This is also a time for students to connect with staff and peers to discuss any questions or concerns associated with attending college.

What kind of services and supports does the Choices program offer?

  • Each student has an assigned advisor to assist with academic planning and personal guidance in meeting individual needs
  • Referrals given to off-campus agencies as needed
  • If enrolled as a full-time student, eligible participants involved with the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) may be able to receive day care fee assistance and transportation reimbursement.
  • Enrollment in a “learning community” of Choices classes with other students in similar life situations; workshops on topics relevant to Choices participants
  • Extra-curricular events designed to meet the needs of Choices students
  • A sense of community and involvement among Choices participants and staff

Are Choices classes different from “regular” college classes?

  • All Choices classes earn college credit, follow the same course curriculum and can be used to pursue any Massasoit certificate or associate degree.

If I am already enrolled at Massasoit, can I be a part of the Choices program?

  • Most students enter Choices at the start of their first semester; however, the program is open to any student that meets eligibility requirements. Contact any Choices staff member to discuss whether the program might be a good option for you.

How long will I be a participant in the Choices program?

  • The time period of the Choices program depends on the needs of each particular student. The average Choices student participates in the program for two semesters before transitioning into the general Massasoit Community College population. However, some students participate in the program for one semester while others remain in the program for the length of their time at the college.

Describe a “typical” Choices student.

  • Many students entering the program are unemployed, on public assistance, or earning low-wages. Many are single parents looking to provide a better life for themselves and their children. Some are struggling with the effects of abuse or addiction. The program provides the opportunity to grow intellectually and emotionally. Individuals learn self-reliance and develop the skills needed to be successful at Massasoit Community College and beyond. The successful Choices student is one who is willing to work to build a better future.