Student Appeals Requests

Massasoit Community College utilizes several different processes for student appeals. The information on this page is meant to guide individuals seeking to submit an appeal.

If you have any questions about which appeal you should submit, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 508-588-9100 ext. 1402 or by email.

Appeal forms may be accessed by anyone through the following links: 

Emergency/Medical Withdrawal and Tuition AppealStudents who cannot complete a course or the semester due to extenuating circumstances, may request a tuition appeal to have the cost of tuition and fees adjusted.  Appeals are accepted for the following circumstances: Medical, Death of a family member, Emergency Housing or a Required change in work schedule.  Supporting documentation is required.
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal (PDF)Federal and state regulations require that students receiving financial aid make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward their degree or certificate. Students that do not meet these requirements are placed on Financial Aid Suspension, and are ineligible to receive financial aid, including federal loans. Students who can demonstrate that significant, documentable extenuating circumstances (i.e., serious personal health issues, death in immediate family, etc.) prevented them from meeting minimum SAP standards have the right to appeal.
Full policy, appeal procedure and appeal deadlines
Academic DeficiencySubmit this form if you are considered to be in Academic Deficiency because your semester’s GPA is below 2.25 and your cumulative GPA is below that required for Good Standing. As a result, your status has changed to "Non Degree." While you remain in non-degree status, you are ineligible to receive any financial aid funds. For those students who plan to attend in the upcoming semester, payment plan options are available. Complete this form to appeal this decision.
Academic ForgivenessAcademic forgiveness provides a second chance for students who had an unsuccessful start in an academic degree or certificate program in the past. It provides an opportunity for students who have demonstrated academic success in at least 12 credits during one or two semesters to have failing grades removed from their grade point average (GPA) while retaining credit for grades of C- or higher.
Student Conduct AppealStudent Conduct Appeals are available for students who have participated in the formal student conduct process and have exhausted all other procedural options (both the Administrative Resolution and Judicial Board Hearing). Appeals are available only if: (1) the hearing was not conducted in conformity with the Code of Conduct; (2) the decision was not supported by a preponderance of the evidence presented; (3) the sanction imposed was not appropriate in light of the Judicial Board’s decision; or (4) new evidence exists, which was not presented because it was not reasonable known to the Accused student at that time, and which is sufficiently relevant such that it could alter the Judicial Board’s decision.
Student Complaint Reporting Form (Student Grievance Procedure)This form can be used to share complaints concerning alleged violation of student rights as stated in the College's Student Handbook and/or Policy Guide.
Student Grievance Procedure
Grade Appeal Request FormThe Grade Appeal process is available to students who believe their final grade in a course is the subject of a) an error and/or b) an injustice. Prior to submitting a formal appeal, students must attempt to resolve the alleged issue informally with their faculty member. Formal appeals should include all available evidence supporting their appeal, such as screenshots/copies of emails, grades, etc. The student’s faculty member will then have an opportunity to respond to the appeal and provide their own evidence supporting their response. If this response does not resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the student, the faculty’s supervisor will then investigate the appeal and issue a final decision. Students should – and are welcome and encouraged to - consult with the college’s Grade Appeals Officer, Associate Dean Joe Harris, if/when considering an appeal. Associate Dean Harris can be reached by email or call 508-588-9100 x1137.
Course Substitution AppealThis form may be used when a student seeks a course substitution in their program.
Appeals Process and Purpose (PDF)