TRiO Peer Mentor Leadership Program

Welcome to Massasoit Community College’s TRIO SSS Peer Mentor Leadership Program!

The Peer Mentor Leadership Program is designed to help SSSP students connect to others in the program and adjust to Massasoit Community College. Our Peer Mentor Leadership Program consists of Peer Mentors (PM’s) and Peer Study Group Leaders (PSL’s). 

SSSP Mentors and Leaders exhibit genuine concern about the academic progress and success of first-year students by being supportive and attentive to their peers’ social, cultural, and academic well-being at Massasoit. They are also responsible for actively making the Peer Mentor Leadership Program and TRIO SSSP a supportive community. 

Responsibilities of PM’s and PSL’s include to:

     Act as a general source of information for SSS members, individually and in small groups
•     Assist in facilitating SSS activities and other responsibilities as assigned
•     Plan and participate in Peer Mentor Leadership events (at least 1 each semester)
•     Attend required training, planning, and supervision sessions (at least 3 per semester)
•     Communicate promptly with the TRIO SSSP Counselor/Learning Specialist about any  concerns or problems
•     Participate in larger SSS community, as a leader and role mode
•     Collaborate on programming with peers and in coordination with TRIO SSSP Staff Members 

Requirements to apply as a PM or PSL are to be:

•    Responsible and reliable
•    Energetic and enthusiastic
•    A good listener
•    Creative
•    Honest
•    Academically comfortable (GPA of 2.7 or above)
•    An active participant in SSSP
•    Attend an information session 


Peer Mentors and Peer Study Group Leaders are paid positions. More information on compensation is available during information sessions and interview process. 

For the current Peer Mentors and Peer Study Group Leaders, please log your activity, group meetings, or peer mentoring meeting hours here:

PM & PSL Activity Sheet

If you are interested in additional information regarding the Peer Mentor Leadership Program, please contact the TRIO Office!

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