Ubuntu Mentors

Academy Mentor
An Academy Mentor is matched with a trio, or academy of male students to actively support them in completing a structured, year-long curriculum designed to connect the students to the various resources offered at Massasoit and promote academic, professional and personal success. Program completion is based on points earned by the academy throughout the academic year for participation in and completion of the various curriculum workshops, events and activities offered. 

Engagement Level: Medium/High 

Required Engagement Type: Online and In-person 

Desired Profile: Minority male professional, 25+ years of age; Associate’s degree minimum 

Baseline Commitment: 
  • Send one email, bi-weekly to each student in your academy based on a topic provided by the U.S. curriculum via the Massasoit online platform (Minimum: six emails per month in total)
  • Join your assigned Academy once a month, in-person, at an Ubuntu Scholars-sponsored event, hosted at the Brockton Campus (1 hr. minimum)
  • Commit to one year of service to your academy as a resource, sounding board and coach 

Ubuntu Scholar (U.S.) Reserve 
The U.S. Reserves are a diverse network of professionals, voluntarily serving as on-call career resources to students that express interest in their respective field/profession. Each Reserve submits a profile, which includes a headshot photo, 2-3 sentence biography, current job description and an email address. Throughout the semester, students from the program may email Reserves to learn more about their noted career; U.S. Reserves are required to reply via email. 

Engagement Level: Low 

Required Engagement Type: Online 

Desired Profile: Professional (non-specific), 25+ years of age; Associate’s degree minimum 

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For more information, contact:

Jeff Joseph

Jeff E. Joseph
Director of Minority Mentorship Programs 
and First-Year Experience
Brockton Campus, Student Center, Rm 1886
508-588-9100, Ext. 1416

Baseline Commitment: 

  • Reply to all student email inquiries within 48 hours of date and time received 
  • Commit to one academic semester (four months) of service as an active resource 

General Requirements 

  • Be willing to complete an application, screening process, and program trainings 
  • Possess resources to regularly access Massasoit’s campus and online learning platform, Canvas