Ubuntu Students

Ubuntu Scholars, the Mentoring Program 
[Serving male, first-year students]
This program provides a structured, year-long curriculum designed to connect students to the various resources offered at Massasoit, in addition to a network of positive peers and experienced professionals as mentors. Students that meet the Ubuntu Scholars Community Engagement Standard, based on points earned throughout the academic year for participation in/completion of the various curriculum workshops, events and activities, will have successfully completed the program. 

Mary E. Baker’s Ubuntu Scholars Club 
[Serving all students]
Formerly the Mary E. Baker Unity Club, this student-led organization provides drop-in peer mentoring, open forums for participants to unpack their respective experiences as Massasoit students, and the opportunity to build community through coordinating and attending social justice-themed campus events and activities, ultimately promoting a culture of comradery and excellence.

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Ubuntu Scholars at Massasoit

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For more information, contact:

Jeff Joseph

Jeff E. Joseph
Director of Minority Mentorship Programs 
and First-Year Experience
Brockton Campus, Student Center, Rm 1886
508-588-9100, Ext. 1416