summer semester

Accelerate your degree completion through our convenient "mix & match" course scheduling.

Summer Session I
June 3 - July 3

Full Summer Semester
June 3 - August 12

Summer Session II
July 10 - August 12

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Summer Semester

Welcome back to Summer Semester at Massasoit. In addition to the two sessions we’ve always run (running this year June 3 - July 3 and July 10 - August 12), we are running our full summer semester which will run June 3 - August 12, providing students with the opportunity to catch up over the summer and get a head start on fall.

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Classes start June 3.

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New Summer Block Schedule

This block schedule gets you the head start you need for fall.

Principles of Sociology
English Composition II
Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Human Nutrition
 or Principles of Biology I

Starting June 4
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8am - 5pm
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Financial Aid Available

Financial aid is now available for summer courses. Please visit our financial aid website for more details.

Financial aid will be available for eligible students.